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Your GiveNOLA Day Donation helps us to recruit caring adults who work with children.

Schedule your donation today for GiveNOLA Day Please give generously. A $100 donation will fund a mentor/mentee matching session at a school. In fact, every donation matters!

About GiveNOLA Day

“GiveNOLA Day is a 24-hour event created to inspire people to give generously to nonprofits making our region stronger, creating a thriving community for all.” It is a day when people throughout the New Orleans Area are asked to reach deep into their hearts and pockets and donate to nonprofit organizations like Each One Save One. As organizations compete for these precious gifts during this once-a-year, 24 hour period, it is all for the betterment of the community. In our case it is for the success of children. Please schedule your donation now to help us change children’s lives for the better through the caring guidance of adult mentors.

Young Dexter’s Life was Changed Forever

Young Dexter’s life was forever changed for the better by a mentor who took the time to listen. He is the young man featured in the WWL-TV, Metairie Bank commercials about mentoring with Each One Save One. See the commercial on Facebook: WWL-TV, Metairie Bank, Each One Save One Commercial

Make a Difference in a Child’s Life!
A $100 contribution funds a Mentor-Mentee matching session at a school.