Arts and crafts

Printable coloring book pages

Printable coloring book pages 2

How to decoupage

30 craft ideas using empty Altoid tins

How to make vintage flowers with a loom

A comprehensive list of craft ideas for all ages and occasions

How to… do pretty much everything!

Make holiday or other gifts with your mentee

Conflict Resolution

Steps in conflict resolution

Building blocks for conflict resolution with kids

Conflict resolution lesson plans

Current Events

Channel One News

Yahoo world factbook — for kids

CIA world factbook –  for young adults

The Breathing Earth

Diversity Awareness

Diversity activities for elementary school

Diversity activities for middle school

Diversity activities for high school

English Language

Prepare for LEAP

Elementary school grammar

Middle school grammar

High school grammar



Wikipedia – an online open source encyclopedia.  Wikipedia can be edited by anyone online, but it’s a good place to start to find out basic information about something

Fun and Games on the Computer

Art safari

Virtual snowflake


Virtual kaleidoscope

Mystery games — for younger kids

Mystery games –  for older kids and young adults

BBC’s interactive murder mystery — for older kids and  young adults

Photo safari — takes a while to load but it’s very cute!

Trick questions and riddles

BBC Kids

Ice Breakers & Communication

Coming Soon


Starfish story

Mentors, share your stories by emailing


Learn about math — kids 12 and under (before pre-algebra)

Learn about math — kids 13 and above (pre-algebra and beyond)

Prepare for LEAP

Signs of Neglect and Abuse

Recognizing, Preventing and Reporting Child Abuse

If you see signs of possible abuse or neglect with your mentee, please call our office immediately at 504-896-9979.

Role of the Mentor

Mentor’s role in the mentee’s life


Yahoo kids’ science

Science project ideas

A YouTube channel with lots of cool science videos

Bill Nye the Science Guy – articles about old episodes, and recent video clips