Our Programs

Each One Save One is currently comprised of 2 different programs that enable us to achieve our mission and a third program that is currently being built:

Each One Save One: This program consist of recruiting, screening, training, placing and supporting volunteer mentors with children to fulfill our school and community based mentor mission. This program works with fifteen public/charter schools that have the desire to provide our one-on-one relationships to children in their schools. In 2009, EOSO embarked on a pilot mission to serve our community through the mentorship of children of incarcerated parents. As of April 2011, EOSO’s Bright Futures program took off with our community partners, Volunteers of America (VOA). VOA is a nationally recognized partner and mentors children of incarcerated parents. We have partnered with the VOA to provide us with 12 children of incarcerated parents in the Central City area who need a mentor.

Making A Difference Professional Development Training Program: This program provides training to other organizations and churches within the Greater New Orleans Area that wish to start or have existing mentor programs, but do not have the expertise or resources to provide training, screening, and support to the mentoring arm of their organization. EOSO formulates trainings specific to the needs of the program and in return we ask that minimal data be collected bi-yearly on the services that are performed the organizations we serve in order to ensure best practices are being observed.  Contact us to partner 504-896-9979

Our Projects

Rwanda Pen Pal’s
Each One Save One partnered with the Ngororero Youth Cultural Center in Rwanda in early 2013. Each One Save One students are paired with a Rwandan student and exchange monthly emails. Students learn how to write and format a letter while learning about Rwandan culture.

Fleur-de-lis Art Project
Students and mentors worked together to design their own unique fleur-de-lis design. Students traced, painting and decorated their designs with Mardi Gras beads. The students did a great job and many of their projects were displayed by the school!

rwandabead art sci